Boys The Destroyers

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Hey Everyone, I just wanted to update you on some of the latest destruction happening at the Thames place.  A few months ago we found out that our remodeled travel trailer had a leak again and this time there was no “fixing” it.  So Greg decided that he had a chance to fulfill a lifetime goal of building a “Tiny House.”  He decided to reuse the trailer.  That, of course, means that he somehow needed to hook up the truck to the trailer body via a chain and pulled the cabin off the trailer.





He did it so fast that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures until the damage was done.
But not to be undone, I gave Zeke and Oliver the ok to “dissect” my keyboard.  It was my mom’s old keyboard, and I have been hauling this around for years knowing it probably didn’t work anymore.  We finally pulled it out and tested it, but it was a no go.  I know my mom would be happy to know it had one more educational gift to give as they joyfully ripped it apart.

Charlotte and the kite

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On Monday evenings during the summer, I (Greg) normally play in a church softball league and this year is no different. So before today’s game the church we worship with, decided that we as a church would have a church picnic before the teams played.

Well, a few days ago Merriann and I went to the mall to do our year eye exam. I finished my exam first so while Merriann was in her exam.  The littles and I decided that we would walk around to kill some time. There we discovered that a national sporting goods sport was going out of business. Let’s say the sales where at the 70 % level, so I decide to buy a few kites that were on sale.

So fast forward to today, I forgot the kites were in the back of the van, were I left them. So since we were at the park early and it was pretty windy day, what better time to pull them out.

Our other kids were running around all crazy but Charlotte was staying close so I thought I would snap a few pictures. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as she enjoyed the kite.

Charlotte and the kite-1

Charlotte and the kite-2

Charlotte and the kite-3

Charlotte and the kite-4

Charlotte and the kite-5

Charlotte and the kite-6

Charlotte and the kite-7

Charlotte and the kite-8

It been a while…

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Hey folks,


If anyone is still around it has been a while since we have put anything on our family blog but here is a quick up date….. We are still around and the family is getting bigger. We are now up to 6 Kids, Little Ella being the youngest.


We are doing well and just enjoying life as God gives..


Here are some new pictures from today. We went to our small town celebration called Everson Days…..


Everson_days_2016-1 Everson_days_2016-2 Everson_days_2016-3 Everson_days_2016-4 Everson_days_2016-5 Everson_days_2016-6 Everson_days_2016-7 Everson_days_2016-8 Everson_days_2016-9 Everson_days_2016-10 Everson_days_2016-11 Everson_days_2016-12 Everson_days_2016-13 Everson_days_2016-14 Everson_days_2016-15 Everson_days_2016-16 Everson_days_2016-17 Everson_days_2016-18 Everson_days_2016-19 Everson_days_2016-20 Everson_days_2016-21 Everson_days_2016-22 Everson_days_2016-23 Everson_days_2016-24 Everson_days_2016-25 Everson_days_2016-26 Everson_days_2016-27 Everson_days_2016-28 Everson_days_2016-29 Everson_days_2016-30 Everson_days_2016-31 Everson_days_2016-32

End Of The Summer

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With the days cooling down, and football in the air. It is time to call it … Yes my friends it is the end of summer. Yes, it is time to bring out the school books and those dirty looks. Yes, it is time for the days to begin to get short. Time for my favorite time of the year Yes, Fall is my favorite time of the year. Yes, my friends it is time for football, falling leaves, mowing those falling leaves, rain (oh rain I have missed you so), fall hikes, sweaters, and normal hot coffee. Anyway I just wanted to share the last (well maybe the last) picture of the Thames Kids 2015 Summer Edition photo.


Ages: Zoe 10, Zeke 6, Oliver 5, Abby 4 and Charlotte 18 Months

Ages: Zoe 10, Zeke 6, Oliver 5, Abby 4 and Charlotte 18 Months

~Greg Thames

Oregon Coast Trip 2015 Video

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This is a short video of footage taken from our trip to the Oregon Coast. I used video from my Gopro, Phantom Drone with a few shots with a canon camera.  With this short video I was practicing a new editing technique. Please let me know what you think of the video.  I hope you enjoy!

Oregon Trip 2015

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Hey Folks,

It have been a long time, since our last blog entry.  We have been quite busy this summer. Now with the end of summer it is time to get you guys all caught up and our adventures.  Our last trip of the summer was to Tillamook, Oregon.  It was a very fun trip. Here are a few of our favorite photos from our trip.

Oregon Trip 2015 Oregon Trip 2015-48 Oregon Trip 2015-46Oregon Trip 2015-47Oregon Trip 2015-44 Oregon Trip 2015-43  Oregon Trip 2015-41 Oregon Trip 2015-42 Oregon Trip 2015-37 Oregon Trip 2015-36 Oregon Trip 2015-35 Oregon Trip 2015-34 Oregon Trip 2015-31 Oregon Trip 2015-30  \ Oregon Trip 2015-26 Oregon Trip 2015-25 Oregon Trip 2015-23Oregon Trip 2015-24  Oregon Trip 2015-20 Oregon Trip 2015-19 Oregon Trip 2015-17 Oregon Trip 2015-16 Oregon Trip 2015-15   Oregon Trip 2015-12 Oregon Trip 2015-10  Oregon Trip 2015-8 Oregon Trip 2015-7 Oregon Trip 2015-6 Oregon Trip 2015-5 Oregon Trip 2015-4 Oregon Trip 2015-3