Apple Cider Day

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Today we went to Sm’Apples in Lynden and picked 107 pounds of apples. Most of them were Jonagold, but some were Gala. We went last month and picked about 55 pounds of Gala apples. We juiced most of them and froze it until we had other varieties of apples. We juiced enough apples yesterday to yield about 3 gallons and added our frozen juice to reach a whopping 5 gallons for hard cider. The kitchen was filled with the wonderful smell of fresh apples. The remaining apples 50 or so pounds will be used for apple pies, apple butter, apple sauce and whatever other apple recipes we find to freeze or can. We were so excited to find a large stand up freezer at a garage sale and we have waisted no time in filling it up.

And yes, juicing in this manner is more labor intensive and time consuming than an apple press. But we are done for this year and are continuing to keep an eye out for an apple press for next year!

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