Time to Decorate

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Last night started our Christmas decorating. Our huge box of decorations came out of the loft and there it all started. Greg had planned on having Zoe and I work on it today but decorating for Christmas was always a family affair (or at least a group affair) growing up and I don’t like the idea of doing it myself so, he helps. Once you get him started decorating he is actually quite good. Zoe was our resident photographer and got a shot of Greg hanging lights.

Once we had emptied our box we still had one rather large blank wall. Earlier this week we rearranged the living room. After all we have lived here for almost 6 months, it was about time :O) There was nothing to put on the wall when we were done so we figured there would be enough Christmas stuff to fill the void but there was not. Greg decided it would be the perfect place for a wreath.

M: We don’t have a wreath.
G: Oh, but you could make one. It’s easy, just braid branches together in a circle. At least, that’s how my mom always did it growing up.
M: Just braid them together like hair?
G: Sure! Of course it would need to be big enough to fill up the space on the wall.

Of course it would. Easy. Last night I had no intention of making a wreath but today I was ready for the challenge. So, Zoe and I took on the project of making a wreath. We headed to the back to cut branches. (I greatly enjoying living in an area were I can do that) I did not braid them but tied them together with wire…a lot of wire. Despite my efforts (and wire) it was not holding its shape. I was not going to give up on it. It just needed more structure. Back outside I headed and brought back the secret ingredient…alder wood branches. They are thin and bend without braking. So, I made a frame (more wire) and tied it all together (and some more wire). It worked! I was rather impressed. Zoe was asleep at the time so I had to do a victory dance by myself but as soon as she was up we did another one. So, now we have a large homemade wreath on our previously bare wall. As I said before, Greg is good at this decorating thing. It is the perfect place for a wreath.

~ Merriann

3 thoughts on “Time to Decorate

  1. Hey I’m ready for a new post! Whatsup? Geesh, you get me all excited about your new blog and then NOTHING! 🙂 Trina

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