Man, It’s been awhile!!

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I know it has been over a week since our last post. We are trying to post at least once a week to keep people coming back. But I will fill you in on the comings and going of the past week. Grab your coffee and get comfortable! You may be here a while. :O)

First, we had our first big snow of the season, and with the first big snow is our 5th Annual Cat Snow Toss. I can’t really remember why we started this but every year during the 1st snow we take our sweet, wonderful cat Casey and gently toss her in the snow. You can tell by the look on her face she knows whats coming. Out she goes in the snow always landing on her feet.

Casey didn’t talk to us for the rest of the evening but we though it was funny and now it’s tradition. And I can’t wait until next year!
The 1st weekend in December was our Annual Lemas Family Christmas Tree Hunt. This was my first year to plan the Tree Hunt. We were going to head to Stoney Ridge. Well, I didn’t realize that they weren’t open on Sundays until the family was already on there way up from the Seattle area. Opps! So everyone met at our house. We decided not to do the tree hunt. Partly because of the heavy snow but mainly because I failed my mission for planning the tree hunt 😦 We did have one of the best snowball fights ever. There was plenty of snow, lots of room and a lot of people to hit. We didn’t get our trees but we had a lot of fun and a great time visiting.

The snow only lasted for that day. When we woke up the next morning we had a few more ponds in our yard. Our actual pond was over flowing which half covered our driveway and the garden. In order to get to the shed we had to wade through a “puddle” that was over 12 ft wide and twice as long.

A few days later we headed to our friends Wylin and Hilda’s house for a surprise visit. We only intended to say hi and leave but we ended up staying almost 8 hours. Greg and Wylin were outside working on the cars and doing manly stuff while Hilda and I (and the kids) kept busy inside. 1st we made and decorated Christmas cookies. Zoe had as many sprinkles on her chair and the area around her as she did on the cookies. Hilda’s oldest son, Andrew, was very focused making his candy cane.

left to right: Stewart, Tiffany, Hilda & Andrew
2nd we made a large wreath for Hilda’s wall. They had a tree recently fall in there yard and we headed out to clip what we needed. The branches had great pine cones on there. I brought some home to add to my wreath. It was bigger than we anticipated but looks awesome. We also made a couple table top ones.

Greg and Stewart treated us to dinner…homemade pizza. They turned out great and were very filling.

While we were at their house we decide to meet up the next day to get our Christmas tree. We headed to Stoney Ridge (it was Thursday and they were open). They had a live nativity with a camel named Moses. Tiffany (in pink) and Zoe (in blue) had a good time checking out the goats and donkey.

And last but not least…the Gingerbread House. This morning we tackled the gingerbread house. We got a kit from Costco and it was perfect. I piped on the icing and Zoe decorated her heart out. There was so much candy we were running out of room. We made a path and “planted” bushes and still had candy left over.

Phew! That took a while. I hope you enjoyed the long update. :O)
~ Merriann

One thought on “Man, It’s been awhile!!

  1. YEA!!! That was even better the second time around! LOVE all the pictures. LOVE the cat traditiion and the snowball fight with family. LOVE the ginerbread house. LOVE the blog! Just wish I’d made the coffe BEFORE I sat down. Trina

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