Ice Skating!

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Last night Greg’s work had their family Christmas party at the Sports Plex for ice skating. Before we left I was trying to explain to Zoe what ice skating was. I pulled a video up online to show her. It helped however, it was a video of figure skating. She was very excited and wanted to put her dress on and started to dance around the room like the girl was doing. hmm…just a little misleading and no, we are not wearing dresses.

Greg had to work so our friends Monica and Xavier came with us. We had a blast. Getting the skates on with double socks was a bit of a challenge but with a little force we were on our way.

Zoe was very excited to give this a try. Aren’t those the cutest skates?
They had “walkers” for the kids. I am not at all stable on the ice and I knew if I had to hold onto Zoe’s had we would both be on the ground. It took a little practice for her to get the hang of it but she was soon running with her walker. At one point she decided she wanted to hold my had and skate like she saw others doing. Reluctantly I went to the wall and took her hand. After about 5 steps she decided I was way too slow, grabbed her walker and zoomed down the ice.


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