Tis the season…..Of the Christmas Party

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Tis the season of the Christmas party. The time of year that you can spend with other adults without kids and everyone is good with it. The first party of the year is the Annual Welch Christmas Party. What is so great about this party is that it is a small group of friends that get together each year and fun is the first priority. This was the 4th or 5th year that Tony and Melissa hosted and every year we have had a great time, this year was no exception!

I had to work the next morning so we didn’t stay that long, only about 3 hours. But one of our new good friends, Monica, came with us. We all met up at our place and headed out to the Lummi Reservation (or as Fred W. likes to call it FreddyRes, I’m not sure why but he does)

It was the guys in the kitchen (Please keep in mind that is where the food was!).

And the ladies were at the tables just talking and getting caught up with old friend and getting to know new ones.

We got to meet the newest member to the group, Ruby and her mother Nancy. Ruby was given the Baby Pass Card so that she could come 🙂

Oh yes, I think that all us had a great time!

~Greg T

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