Merry (late) Christmas!

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I’m a few days late getting this up but better late than never. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Our Christmas came a few days early this year since Greg was working Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We had a great time. We try to keep things low key. Greg and I never wanted Christmas to turn crazy for our family. Zoe got some useful and educational toys (the kind I love) Greg paintball (surprise!) and Me…a Kitchen Aid mixer! Bread is soooo much easier with a dough hook.

Now that Christmas is over the decorations have come down. I know some people leave them up as long as possible but by the end of December I am done. Although, remember the large wreath I made to cover a very bare spot on our wall? Yeah…we have a large bare wall now. I’ll have to get on that.

The new year is just around the corner. It is amazing to think of all that happened in 2007. God has blessed us in so many ways. Greg’s job, moving to a wonderful house, finding a new church family, meeting new friends and families that love the Lord and our old friends that we would be lost without. We have been so blessed by all of you. It is humbling to think of all God has done for us. How unworthy we are but oh how He loves us!


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