Happy New Year!!!

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Our family wishes you and your family a “Happy New Year”. We spent some time with new and old friends to bring in 2008. Our friends Lorenzo and Nancy opened their home and hosted a New year’s party.

It was awesome, it was our first visit to their place. They have a beautiful home.
Of course the Trinty sister’s were there!
You know the Mother, the Daughter and the Girlly Ghost!
AKA. Trina, Monica and Merriann 🙂

Nancy didn’t want to be left out or out done of the crazy pictures for the night! So here she is in all her glory!

The ladies mostly played the Taebo card game and the guys just sat around talking about the old Navy days (Meaning Lorenzo and I talked all night). And since there was a brand new baby there the ladies all wanted to hold the pretty baby, Ruby!

Aunt Heida had her most of the night. She even took the nights group picture with Ruby.
You would think that is was her baby. 😉

We watched the count down of the Space Needle in which fireworks didn’t go off for about 2 minutes after the new year started. What a way to start the New Year in the Northwest.

Well we ended the night sharing what are hopes and prayers we had for the future year. While I can’t share with you what others there that night shared. But I will share with you what mine was and is. I pray that “I could keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing!” Meaning be more fruitful for Jesus the Christ and the kingdom of God. (And oh, loose 30 pounds by May but that is not as important as the Main Thing.)

~Greg T.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Like totally OH MY GOSH! What GREAT pictures!! LOVE IT! What fun we had…cute cute cute.Well, except the one of me… UGH! You can take that one out. :-)TED

  2. Some fabulous pics of Trina. And I don’t know about you but I am certain she had that “I want another baby look in her eyes”… whadya thin?

  3. WHAT! A baby….hum…if only. but for now I’ll live through everyone else and their adpotion of little ones…. HURRY UP GUYS! I need babies to hold. 🙂

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