Adoption Update

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Wow, two posts in one day! Things are getting crazy around here. I realized we haven’t posted about the adoption in a while. Right now we are waiting until the PRIDE weekend in February. PRIDE is a 32 hour training program we have to complete before we can become foster parents for the foster to adopt program through Antioch. Antioch does it all in one action packed weekend. OK, maybe not action packed but definitely busy. After that weekend we have another 7 or so classes we have to take. We will be well trained. :O) Good news though, a friend told me about an organization that does local CPR/First Aid classes for FREE! Way better than paying $40-$50 per person. And they cover infant and adult CPR/First Aid as well as blood born pathogens (we need all of that). So there you have it. Our update and a photo ’cause that’s the way its done.

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