Thank you TED!

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(This picture has nothing to do with the post but it is one of my favorites. Greg took it)

Our friend “TED” reminded me that I should post about the awesome prize I won from Hilary! Hilary recently celebrated her 1 year blogiversary. Congratulation Hilary! To celebrate she had a giveaway on her site and I won! I was very surprised and excited. A big thank you to Trina who encouraged me to post a comment to be entered into the drawing. And a BIG thank you to Hilary for the fun and (some) unusual prizes and to her children who drew my name last. :o)

So, want to know what I got. I won a few of Hilary’s favorite things.

1) Potato Soup at Black Angus
2) Alfredo Dipping Sauce at The Olive Garden
3) Treasury of Memories gift card
4) Starbucks Grande Breve Vanilla Mocha with 1/2 pump mocha and 1/2 pump vanilla, with whip.
5) 409 Glass and Surface. (this one made me laugh but I am excited to try it)
6) Lindt Lindor Truffle Bar.

The food places are obviously gift cards but, in honor of Hilary and her blogiversary I will be ordering the items on her list. You never know…I may discover a new favorite.

Thanks again Hilary! What a fun way to celebrate.

~ Merriann

2 thoughts on “Thank you TED!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS MERRIANN! Nothing like a prize to start out the new year. Let me know when we’re going out….to Black Angus, Olive Garden and Starbucks…Trina (aka TED, the MOTHER)

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