Anyone Up for a Little Jog??

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I want to share with everyone that we are going to train and enter the 2008 Seattle Marathon. On a quest to improve our overall health and fitness, need for a big challenge for 2008, besides we are weird and strange (As if you didn’t know that already), and we don’t know any body that has ever done one! (Maybe there is a very good reason for this 🙂
You maybe wondering were did I get this hair brain idea from well I as many of you know that I am trying to loose about 30 pounds of myself. So have been working out but not loosing much weight and I was simply getting bored with my workout program. So I have been looking for a different program and couldn’t find anything that I liked. Then one late night or early morning at work I was looking around online when I came across a PBS program: Nova ~ Marathon Challenge ( Basically it was a program about how they took a assortment of very different individuals about 12 and trained them to run the Boston Marathon (the oldest and one of the hardest in the country). Well, I begin to asked myself over the next couple day was it possible for me to do this, and after talking to Merriann about it (and yes, she did look at me the as if I had lost my mind!!) She thought that we would do it together. (And for the record that is one of the many things I love about me wife, she wants to do big and small things together. What a Help Meet!!)
But Boston was a bit of a trip, so I thought that we would have to go to San Fran, or somewhere in Cal. to do this but much to my surprise Seattle has one. So it’s on November 29, 2008, God willing we will start and finish the 2008 Seattle Marathon. We are not trying to break any world speed records or anything. Just complete a great challenge and get fit. So over the last couple of days we got our training materials together and today is day one of the training. A simple 30 minute walk! I can do that!! And now that we are going to be hardcore athletes, can start using cheesy sports quotes like: “We are just going to train one day at a time.” “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” and other Blah, blah, blah 😉
Oh, before I forget to ask does anyone else want to join us? Just want to see if anyone else has also lost their minds. 🙂 But it would be so much more fun with more people. So just think about it.
~Greg T

3 thoughts on “Anyone Up for a Little Jog??

  1. Well, after we laughed for a while we decided that we’d support your hair brained idea and WATCH you get trim and fit!! ME… I’m not a runner or jogger but Fred has been know to go that direction in the past. I hope you make it! But someone has to stand with Zoe on the sidelines and cheer as you roll by!!! :-PTrina

  2. Hilary is trying to steal our prize!! She’s working on new words.. and her’s makes more sense!! OH NO!! She came up with SABS… Who knew! We had it on our page all those words just not in that order. It’s good. Seperately Adopted Biologicial Siblings….

  3. Ha ha ha… even Trina thinks I should win!! :)You know, if I didn’t think I’d DIE… I’d be up for the challenge. But really – I think you’d have to scrape me off the side of the road if I attempted something like that. However, I fully support both of you and think it’s awesome that you’re doing it together!

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