Our first Adoption Problem :-(

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I just wanted to share with everyone that today we had our first let down in this quest to bring that someone that the Lord has picked for our family. 🙂 We got a email today stating that there is not enough room in the Pride training scheduled in Feb for us. So we are being scheduled for the class in July 😦

Why is the next class in July you say?

Because the training is a 30 hour weekend long training course. And the schedule one of them each quarter of the year.

So with all that said we are a little sad today but I guess we just have to remember that we are on God’s timeline and he has already picked the child for us. He will put him/her in our family when it is the right time for the child, us and most importantly when he is ready. So in that we are pleased, but still little sad.

~Greg T

9 thoughts on “Our first Adoption Problem :-(

  1. Hey what does the 565 mean on your main page? Just wondering. I’ve thought about it before but always forget to ask. T

  2. I’m glad to hear that the Leases left Sunday afternoon for Haiti!! I can’t wait to met Wendy Grace in person.Trina

  3. Hey Thanks for letting me swing by tonight to use the hot glue gun. It was fun to visit with you guys. I wish we had more snow… sorta. Of course, I’m looking forward to HOT days this summer too!T

  4. Hey Does anyone else read your blog? Ask them to post! I know some that SAY they read it but …. were’s the MONEY… I mean comments!!I’m lonely…. :-(T

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