Where have we been!

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Well, I haven’t felt much like blogging lately but since Trina keeps posting comments on the same one I figured its time for a new one :O) So, heres some random photos.

Zoe’s first lesson in paintball.

Killing snakes in the back yard.

This photo I love. As she was unloading the dishwasher Zoë decided it would be good to make a cup of coffee for Dad…unfortunately Dad was at work and not able to enjoy the treat. She had added a lot of creamer, coffee and what coffee would be complete without marshmallows! Even looking at this picute a few weeks later she said, “I made some coffee for Dad!”

3 thoughts on “Where have we been!

  1. Very cute. I had to zoom in on the “snake killing” picture to see it was a stick she was “shooting” them with… at first glance it looked like she was picking up snakes and wringing their necks! 😉 Love the coffee story!

  2. HEY! A new post! Very nice. And pictures too. That’s even better. Okay, I’ll check back tomorrow to see what’s new… or to repost a comment on this one 🙂 Just doing my part in the blogging world.T

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