Wine bottling time!!

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Well after we found about the baby. You maybe wondering how did we celebrate. Well you guessed it we bottle some wine. Well Merriann can’t drink it what else would you do with it. It will be ready to drink after the baby is born so it’s OK! Well the type of wine we are bottling is an Apple wine. It was going to be a Apple cider but we missed the cider bottling window back in October, and the only thing different between an apple wine and an apple cider is that the Apple wine is formented longer and because of this longer fermentation it is not a sweet as a cider.

Here are some pictures of Merriann and Zoe helping in the bottling of the wine. And I know what some of you are thinking ….If her husband really loved her he wouldn’t ask his pregnant wife to bottle wine she can’t even drink yet!! Well, I only ask if she wanted to!!! 🙂 And she said “Yes Dear” so to me that means that she really wanted to do it and that was good enough for me.

Oh this is a video of my wonderful wife and daughter using the corker they got for me earlier last summer at a yard sale.

~Greg T

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