St Thomas here we come!

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So, we are officially going to the Virgin Island in July for my sister-in-law’s wedding. Wednesday I spent about 4 hours total getting tickets. I will tell you it was not a pretty process but now I know how it all works so if anyone needs help on their next trip, give me a call. I would advise you to not contact customer service on the matter.

But, that part is done and we have the tickets we wanted. Zoe and I will be leaving a week before Greg and going to visit my sister in Texas. I am very excited to be able to visit with them. It has been too many years since we have seen each other. She has what I am sure will look like a mini farm (the mini part may be disputable :O) and Zoe will have a blast with all of that and the pool. I will let you know later what it is like being 7 months pregnant and in Texas in July. I told Zoe we would be going on a plane and meeting her Aunt and cousins. She informed me the ant would bite. Hmm…we’ll work on that one later.

Greg will meet us at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport and we will all leave together to go to St. Thomas. (that was the challenging part of the plane tickets since our connecting flights had to match up.) We will be spending a week in St Thomas and them returning home.

Right now we are trying to figure out where we are going to stay. The hotels are really pricey. When we were in Hawaii we really enjoyed having a condo with a kitchen and washer/dryer. The kitchen made our food bill much cheaper and easier. Even on vacation you can get tired of having to go out to each for every meal. We are looking into those now in St. Thomas and I think we will be able to find a better deal with the condos.

I am very excited about going now. Once you get over the initial shock of price its not so bad.

~ Merriann

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