More Wine and then some

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We bottled more wine last night. We are almost done with these batches. Today we are going to finish the last of the blackberry. As Zoe gets older it’s fun to see what she remembers. When Greg told her last night we were going to bottle more wine she got really excited and asked if we were going to stamp them again. Greg told her yes, we were going to cork them. She confidently said, “I’m going to do it myself. You just take the pictures.”

The things she has been saying lately have really been cracking me up. She found a necklace that no longer had a clasp and wanted me to put it on her. I explained the clasp was broken and there was no way for it to stay on her neck. Her reply…”Please, it will be my dream come true.” I couldn’t contain the laughter.

Another one from yesterday…just minutes after putting her to bed, Zoe threw up. As I was changing her sheets said to me, “Thank you for saving my life.”

~ Merriann

One thought on “More Wine and then some

  1. What a funny girl. I love the things that kids say. Can’t wait to try some of the wine later on. I am loving the pictures of the lawn mower and the cucumber and NOT loving the picture of the pumpkin, that is disgusting! ICK!

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