Ah, Spring

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I just love waking up on a nice spring morning to SNOW! Don’t you? (note the sarcasm). Despite the cold weather and SNOW! we started our seeds a few days ago. They are starting to come up but the pictures weren’t working for me. Instead of using soil this year we are using a product called rock wool.

It is rock that has been spun. The picture didn’t turn out great but you get the idea. We have a friend that uses these in his garden and has had great success. Since we haven’t had the best of luck with seeds in the past we decided to give it our all this time. We also got a plant light to be sure they are getting enough. In the past our seedlings have been tall but very weak. The reason for this is most likely because they did not have enough light while starting out and were growing tall looking for more light but not being able to “bulk up” in the process. Our friend also told us he will brush his hand across the plants as they are starting out to knock them down. This forces them to strengthen their stems in order to stand up again. So, I figure if we give them plenty of light and smack them around a little we should be good.
~ Merriann

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