And we’re back

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It probably hasn’t seemed unusual that we haven’t posted in a while since I am not the best consistent blogger out there but, this time we had a reason. Our computer decided (just on a whim) to stop. It just froze up, turned off and had the slight smell of burning electronics. So we had the lovely time of being without a computer for a little while. (and anyone who knows Greg understands how even a short time without a computer can be a very long time) He was lucky to have a computer at work he could check. I, on the other hand, did not. All the best stuff was posted on Craigslist while I was out of commission :O). But we are back now and all is good. I am fortunate to have married a man that does the whole computer thing and just builds us one instead of having to actually buy one off the shelf. It saves a lot of money.

This also happened at the same time my car, Ginger, (yes we name our cars) needed to have some work done. And of course once you take them in for what you know is wrong they will inevitably call you with more things. We paid them to take care of some of the bigger issues and Greg took care of the other things himself. (he just gets more and more handy)

Well, that’s about it for now. There are no pictures today. We have misplaced the cord to get the pictures off the camera. Our laptop had its own little spot for the card. Now that I know its missing we’ll find it soon.

~ Merriann

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