Kangaroo Farm

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Friday Zoe and I had the great surprise of being invited to tag along with our friends Monica and Xavier to the Kangaroo Farm in Arlington. We had a blast. They have all kinds of animals and the kids were able to feed and pet almost all of them.

One of the kangaroos was named Zoe. She was Zoe’s favorite. I’m not sure if it was because they shared the same name or because she was a bit smaller than this guy.

Zoe (the kangaroo) had a little joey in her pouch. Zoe (the child) was a little confused when I explained the reason Zoe (the kangaroo) kept putting her head in her pouch was because she was licking the baby that was in there. I think she may have been wondering if I ever did that.

Monica found a new friend. This little guy (a Capybara…worlds largest rodent) came running up from nowhere, passed everyone else and headed straight for Monica.

Lets not forget the llama kissing. (I was trying not to laugh while holding a pellet in my mouth…not an easy thing to do with a llama headed for you)

Zoe was able to hold a little joey. He had just turned 6 months old. As soon as she got him she starting rocking back and forth. The joey fell out of his mama’s pouch and wasn’t able to climb back in so she left him on the ground. Luckily, they found him in time and have been raising him inside.

~ Merriann

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