LinuxFest 2008: AKA Super Nerd Fest….

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Hey Ladies and Gents,
Well Merriann has been on my case for not posting more often and well I really have a good reason for it! Honest! And as soon as I remember what is it I will past it on to you. But really I have been kind of busy. One of the first things other than work, I have been up to in the past few weeks was the biggest and best Open Source Computer Software event in Bellingham, Washington called Linuxfest 2008. What is Open Source for you non-tech people out there, basically it is software made by people whom share it for free and They also share the code they used to make it so that someone else can improve on it. They don’t charge anything for use of the software. And for the most part it is built as well as big software companies like Microsoft software.
Well, some friends (Fred, Jake, Stu, Levi and Andrew) and myself went to check out some of the cool events. I must admit that it is cool for nerds. Who else would willingly go inside a classroom on a beautiful spring day in the Northwest to talk about computers??
See my point!! Just think about it! and the answer is NERDS or GEEKS! Which I must admit I am one of them. But they did have some pretty cool things going on. Like the kids (Jake, Levi, and Stu) went and built Lego robots.

I am sorry to report that the one Jake build had a short life. He built it to be extremely quick, but a little to quick and it quickly flew of the table and popped into hundreds of little Lego pieces. But what’s awesome about legos is that you can always try again.

All in all it was a pretty cool day, we did get out of the class room and had lunch in the sun. We got tons of free stuff from t-shirts, pens, flashlights, software and all kinds of other stuff too. And the most important thing we learned some new things in the process!!

~Greg T

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