Mary, Mary quite contrary. How does your garden grow?

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Well our adventures in hydroponics has been going quite well so far. We just started planting our real garden (you know the one with real dirt!!) this weekend. We have planted Romain lettuce, beets, pole beans so far this weekend.

Zoe is trying to show you the worm she found in the garden.
In this picture Z, is planting pole beans!!

God willing we will be planting more this week, if the rains hold out for a if days. So we are planning to plant the following this year:

Tomatoes:Sweet 100, Gold Nugget (these are like candy), Roma, and Beef Masters (Which is like hamburger tomatoes)

Broccoli and Cabbage

Salad greens and Lettuce

Snow peas (This rarely ever make it the the house since they are so good.)
Walla Walla Onions, and Yellow Storage Onions

Kandy Corn (That is the name of the type of corn, first time in our garden people tell us that this type is one of the best)





Pumpkins (sweet pumpkins, jack-o lantern and great moon pumpkins)

Pak Choi (it’s kind of a lettuce-from Asia)


And watermelon (the reason I wanted the hydroponics in the first place)

Yellow Wax pepper (Hot)

Super Cayenne Pepper (Hot)

Fiesta pepper (Hot)

Oh before I forget I also built a small green house. I think I am going to put the peppers, a few tomato plants and one of the watermelon in it because they love heat.

This green house was made from recycled windows from Craigslist and motorcycle crates.

Here are some pictures of the hydroponics we have going on.

Oh before I forget if I am forget any plant that is a must in a Pacific Northwest garden please let me know! And maybe we can add it to our garden!

~Greg T

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