Our daughter The Fly Hunter

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Her weapon of choice…

…the ball point pen.

She killed one and wounded another. I found it hopping around on the floor and promptly smashed it with a shoe.
When asked why she was hunting flies she simply said, “They keep bugging me.” Not often the girl of few words but today it was all she needed.

~ Merriann

Missing Post AKA Aquarium Trip

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I was looking through our blog site and found a post that never posted. I have no idea why. So here is one that was written back in April.

A couple weeks ago we headed down the Seattle Aquarium with a couple other home school families. This was the first time I had been since they completed the remodel. It was so much better than before. The kids had a great time, of course. The highlight was the divers feeding the fish. We were just in time for the feeding and had a great spot to sit.


A great day!

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Zoë has learned to pump! It’s a great day when she can get on the swing and get moving without assistance. She still needs a boost when she wants to get really high (and we all know what fun that is). I’m not sure who is more excited…her or me.

As the Barrel Turns

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Our compost bin is up and running! We put this together from recycled (mostly free) items. We bought the hinges for the lid and the pole it spins on from the RE Store. So for around $3.00 we have an awesome large compost bin that’s easy to manage. I am happy to report it works great! It gets nice and warm in there (most of the heat is self generated since our spring/summer weather is NOT) quickly breaking down. Just a spin a day and the black gold is on its way. We are hoping to have our first batch done in about a month.