As the Barrel Turns

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Our compost bin is up and running! We put this together from recycled (mostly free) items. We bought the hinges for the lid and the pole it spins on from the RE Store. So for around $3.00 we have an awesome large compost bin that’s easy to manage. I am happy to report it works great! It gets nice and warm in there (most of the heat is self generated since our spring/summer weather is NOT) quickly breaking down. Just a spin a day and the black gold is on its way. We are hoping to have our first batch done in about a month.

3 thoughts on “As the Barrel Turns

  1. Hey! I haven’t stopped by in a while and since you left such a nice comment on my blog 😉 I thought I’d hop on over. This compost bin is way cool! I’ve had composing on the brain lately. You’ve motivated me even more.

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