Texas Sun

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Zoë as we are walking through the store:

Z: Mama I’m cold.

Me: Me too. We forgot our jackets didn’t we?

Z: We need to stand in the sun.

After we leave headed to the car (in the sun)

Z: Mama, I’m still cold…this sun is cold.

We sure did get used to the Texas sun.

~ Merriann

Last day: July 17th

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Today is our last day in Texas. The main thing on our agenda today is for Zoe to ride Bentley the horse. She absolutely loved it! Bentley is such a gently little (well, big) guy. He knew he had little ones on him and was very careful. This was especially nice when they would come up to a tree and Zoe would lean to the side instead of ducking. She relied a little too much on the saddle to keep her up there. Towards the end she did get better at it. Zoe said next time she wants to take him on the road. :o)
Then it was off to the airport! We had a small technical delay (the truck wouldn’t start) but my brother-in-law, Danny, made a mad dash for the house from work to pick us up and take us to the airport. It was a good thing we were planning on leaving mega early because even with leaving a hour later Zoe and I had just the right amount of time to get checked in, through security, grab something to eat and get to our gate without having to rush or sitting around for too long. The timing was perfect.
On the plane and ready to go
View from the plane window. We’re almost home!

They are back!!!!

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I just wanted the whole world that Merriann and Zoe are back safe and sound in the Great Washington State. And back in my arms. I must say that the first few days they were gone it was great to have a little time to myself. But the last few days I found myself counting the hours until their return.

And now that they are back I am glad that they are back.

Thanks for all your prayers for us.

Talk to you later,
Greg T

Day 5: July 13

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The 13th was a nice relaxing day. I got some pictures of the animals hanging around here.

Hummer the llama. He was extremely skittish when he came here but he is has been trusting people a lot more and venturing further in his field.

Nigel is always getting into the dog food so Zoe took it upon herself to drag him out of there. She has hold of his horn here (they make great handles) trying to drag him down the stairs. He was putting on the brakes full force.
We set up the kiddie pool since I was a little worried about Zoe submerging her stitches in the pool. But, once they got in there they were laying down the whole time anyway I guess it didn’t matter.
They had a blast though and, as with most kids, a different way to play with/in water is always more fun.
~ Merriann

Day 4: July 12th

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(Oops…I forgot to post this last night. Here is yesterday…)

Every day we have woke up since being here Zoe excitingly exclaims “Mama! The SUN is out!” It’s the best start to her day.

Zoe with Frodo the cat

Mason and Zoe in the sandbox. You have to get out there first thing in the morning to beat the heat. It’s in a great position too to be in the shade.

We got a wonderful treat today! Greg’s sister, Jentessa, lives about a hour away and today she came over to see us! It was great to see her and visit. She almost left with a kitten :o)

Aren’t they cute together!

~ Merriann

Day 3: July 11th

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So, you get another one today since I am playing catch up. Don’t forget to scroll down to see the 1st one.

Today we got the see the big town of Poolville. As the history story goes back in the day it was a booming town. It received it’s name because of a “pool” of water that never dried up. The towns people always had water. Well, it has dried up now for the most part but, one famous store remains…Willhite Seed Co.

They are a famous watermelon seed supplier shipping all over the world. They even had a little article written about them in the latest issue of Mother Earth magazine. We’re talking BIG people.

The post office is just beside Willhites (with a whopping 284 boxes) and down the little alley to the right are 2 small churches and around the corner is the elementary and high schools. Apparently there’s a town square right in front of Willhites but we were so busy with the famous seed company we forgot to look out the other window in the car to get a picture of it. Well that’s it folks…that’s Poolville, TX.

~ Merriann

Day 2: July 10th

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I woke up this morning to find Nigel the goat sleeping in the fireplace insert that is outside. I had to get a picture of that. We helped with the chores around the house and met all the animals.

Our afternoon swim was interrupted with a trip to the emergency room. Zoe ended up needing stitches in her arm after falling from the pool deck and cutting her arm on the metal pole. Luckily it was a nice clean gash and didn’t hit any major veins. We were able to get the bleeding to stop within a few minutes and wrapped in up to head to the hospital. According to the doctor she got three stitches but, we have decided it was really 5. How can you not count the knots on either end? I mean after all, they had to stick the needle through there and it is holding her skin together. I didn’t get any pictures at the hospital. Zoe wasn’t real excited about them at the time and the doctor and nurses didn’t seem like they were either. I probably should have snapped one anyway but I didn’t. Oh well.

On the way back from the hospital

This is the following day when we were changing the bandages. She wasn’t at all excited about pictures the day of the accident so this is all I got. She has been doing great and playing just like it wasn’t there at all. We just haven’t been able to head into the pool yet as it can’t be submerged in water.
~ Merriann