So, I’m a lame blogger…

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I don’t do a great (ok, even semi good) job at keeping this thing up. But, if after all this time you still check it then I guess I know who my real friends are. :O)

We are getting geared up to head to Texas! Zoë and I will be heading down this week to visit my sister (Hi Sis!) We have not seen each other since I was pregnant with Zoë. She’s going to think I am just always pregnant although it has been a while. Greg has made a point to inform me of the temperature down there almost daily. He’s so thoughtful…Thanks honey!

Here’s a quick picture of Zoë at the Sumas Community Day (who knew). I’ll post more on that later. (I hope…just no one hold their breath. I’d like to have people out there still reading this thing) I even have pictures of our dear Trina competing in the watermelon eating contest!

~ Merriann

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