Our Summer Party

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We had our summer party/paintball party. This year we had our party at Greg’s company park instead of our house. There was plenty of room for paintball and a bunch of play equipment for the kids. The theme was All Things Camo. The highlight of the party?
The old school merry-go-round. They have been removed from every park I can think off but, they are the best. It didn’t stop moving the entire time. Even when the kids were eating they had it slowly turning while they ate.

There was a time there for a while where the kids were not in control of the merry-go-round. I think the men wanted to see if they could get it going fast enough to make it take off…that and see if any they could make any of the kids sick. I don’t think anyone got sick but we did have some people (mostly the men) fly off it. The best was when one of the guys would brace themselves on the edge so the other guys could use them for leverage to make it go faster. I know we have a video of this but I can’t get it to work right now.
We had a miniature boot camp type obstacle course set up complete with drill sergeant. A friend put the kids through the paces.

He even had them line up for inspection and march! (I think it is his dream job to be a drill sergeant) The kids couldn’t keep a straight face. And well, when a 3 year old is used to help inspect, who could.

What kind of Camo party would there would be if there where no paintball. Well these brave souls went out and played, I think it is safe to say that they had a great time.

~Merriann and Greg

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