Greetings from Texas!

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So, we are on day 3 of our trip here (starting our second full day). But lets start with Day 1. Our trip started at 2:00 am on Wednesday morning as we threw the final things into bags and headed for the airport. It was my hope that Zoe would fall asleep again on the way down but no such luck. She was wide awake and ready to go.

First thing first…find our plane.

Once we got to the airport, got our bags checked, got through security and found our plane we had about an hour till boarding. We passed the time going on the people movers, finding unusual artwork (below) and grabbing a bite to eat.

Zoe & the unusual artwork (she’s the red bag)

Zoe was very excited to get on the plane. Everything went pretty fast (no having to wait for hours and the runway). But, not quite fast enough for Zoe. As we were rolling out she asked about 50 times, “Are we flying now?” Nope, not yet.

On the plane and ready for take off

She did great on the flight and even slept for about an hour. I was very happy I brought our headphones. I forgot they have a number music stations you can listen to and she loved it. We did have a fun experience in the bathroom on the plane. Zoe learned to ask what a button does before pushing it. While she was sitting on the toilet she pushed the flush button and, of course the loud suction noise followed. Shock shown on her face as she grabbed hold of my leg and tried to stand up but there really wasn’t room (I was surprised we were both able to make it in there at the same time). How long this lesson will last will be discovered when we returned home.

We landed early and only had to wait a short period of time for the other plane to leave our parking spot. We got our bags and met my sister and were out of the airport in no time. We made a “quick” trip to the store to get 4 things and ended up leaving with a basket full but, we grabbed something to eat and started for the house.

Overwhelmed by the animals at the house Zoe took a while to come inside. Once we got things kind of situated we had just enough time to change for a swim. Sis and I took a little too long getting out there and first so Mason and Zoe started racing on the bikes. Is this not the coolest bike ever? This bike is awesome! Serious off road tires and adjustable for a lot of growth.

Zoe & KC

(I know it looks terrible but he jumped right in front of her last minute)

And we finally got in our swim. At first she had quite the death grip on me when I got in the pool with her but she quickly loosed up and became more and more brave. She hung out by the ladder when I didn’t have her but she loves going under the water and popping back up.

Zoe & her cousin Mason

So, that was day one. Long day and a lot of new stuff but tons of fun. I know it was crazy detailed but it was more for my benefit than yours :O) Although, I do hope you enjoyed it. More to come tomorrow.

~ Merriann

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