Day 2: July 10th

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I woke up this morning to find Nigel the goat sleeping in the fireplace insert that is outside. I had to get a picture of that. We helped with the chores around the house and met all the animals.

Our afternoon swim was interrupted with a trip to the emergency room. Zoe ended up needing stitches in her arm after falling from the pool deck and cutting her arm on the metal pole. Luckily it was a nice clean gash and didn’t hit any major veins. We were able to get the bleeding to stop within a few minutes and wrapped in up to head to the hospital. According to the doctor she got three stitches but, we have decided it was really 5. How can you not count the knots on either end? I mean after all, they had to stick the needle through there and it is holding her skin together. I didn’t get any pictures at the hospital. Zoe wasn’t real excited about them at the time and the doctor and nurses didn’t seem like they were either. I probably should have snapped one anyway but I didn’t. Oh well.

On the way back from the hospital

This is the following day when we were changing the bandages. She wasn’t at all excited about pictures the day of the accident so this is all I got. She has been doing great and playing just like it wasn’t there at all. We just haven’t been able to head into the pool yet as it can’t be submerged in water.
~ Merriann

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