Day 5: July 13

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The 13th was a nice relaxing day. I got some pictures of the animals hanging around here.

Hummer the llama. He was extremely skittish when he came here but he is has been trusting people a lot more and venturing further in his field.

Nigel is always getting into the dog food so Zoe took it upon herself to drag him out of there. She has hold of his horn here (they make great handles) trying to drag him down the stairs. He was putting on the brakes full force.
We set up the kiddie pool since I was a little worried about Zoe submerging her stitches in the pool. But, once they got in there they were laying down the whole time anyway I guess it didn’t matter.
They had a blast though and, as with most kids, a different way to play with/in water is always more fun.
~ Merriann

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