Last day: July 17th

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Today is our last day in Texas. The main thing on our agenda today is for Zoe to ride Bentley the horse. She absolutely loved it! Bentley is such a gently little (well, big) guy. He knew he had little ones on him and was very careful. This was especially nice when they would come up to a tree and Zoe would lean to the side instead of ducking. She relied a little too much on the saddle to keep her up there. Towards the end she did get better at it. Zoe said next time she wants to take him on the road. :o)
Then it was off to the airport! We had a small technical delay (the truck wouldn’t start) but my brother-in-law, Danny, made a mad dash for the house from work to pick us up and take us to the airport. It was a good thing we were planning on leaving mega early because even with leaving a hour later Zoe and I had just the right amount of time to get checked in, through security, grab something to eat and get to our gate without having to rush or sitting around for too long. The timing was perfect.
On the plane and ready to go
View from the plane window. We’re almost home!

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