Church Campout

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This last weekend was our Church’s annual Camp Out at Silver Lake. Greg had to work Saturday so Zoe and I headed up Saturday afternoon at visit for the day. I had (briefly) thought about actually staying the night Saturday but then I remembered: Pregnant…sleeping on the ground…um…No Thanks.
We had a blast and are already making plans for next year. We are going to check with the church to see if they always have it the 1st weekend in August so Greg can be sure to request that weekend for vacation (all vacations have to be requested at the beginning of the year which makes it a little harder)

We visited and played for a while and then headed to the SBCC Olympics. They had a rope obstacle (running through 3 turning ropes without touching), a run/hop relay race, fill the bucket relay, Kick Your Shoe (going for distance) Simon Says, and of course…tug-a-war.

Saturday night after singing around the campfire they handed out Gold, Silver, and Bronze metals. Zoe’s team won the Bronze! She ran up front to receive her metal and came running back so excited. “Mom! Look! What’s this for!”

She even found a dog willing to follow her around for a while. I have learned that Zoe is more of a dog person than a cat person. Not that she doesn’t LOVE cats…she does. But, sometimes I think she loves them a little too much. But, she does great with dogs!

~ Merriann

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