Things are getting back to normal….Kinda Sorta!!

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Well, the site is back up and running sorta, I am in the process of adding back all the pictures that got lost.  So it will take a little while for that but Merriann can now post new happenings around the Thames household.  So I hope that everyone enjoys the new site.

Some of the new features are:

A search engine:  So now if you wanted to find a old post (Like Texas for example) all you have to do is enter in Texas in the search window and bang there you go!!

RSS Feed:  What happens here is when we make any updates to the site, you are notified.  And since we are not the greatest at updating our site, this will help you know when we have updated the blog.

Addition of Categories:  So when we add a new post or page on a subject we can put it is a Categories like for example we want to share a new recipe that was awesome that we tried we can put in the Recipe Category.  And then anyone can go to that category and see all the recipes that we have posted about.

There are other upgrades that come with this new site has but it is in the back office part of the site, which makes it easier to manage.  So to all of those of you that check out the site from time to time thanks for your patience with me while I make this site a little bigger, better, faster and more.

Your Bro in Christ,

Greg T

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