Northwest Washington 2008 Fair

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Yesterday was our family’s fair day.  And I am tired today!!  I would guess that we walked about 20 miles yesterday.  It was action packed from begin to the end.  First off who needs sleep, I sometimes think that it is over-rated.  Like yesterday after working a night shift.  I came home and couldn’t go to sleep so I decided that I am going to start writing down my family history.  Which then turned into phone calls to my parents to ask them questions that I have forgotten or didn’t know.  3 hours later, with Merriann and Z up they where getting ready to go to the fair as we had planned.  So since I didn’t get any sleep it wasn’t their fault so we got our stuff pack and off to the NW fair we go.  I think all and all I was awake for about 30 hours.  So needless to say it was a long day.

First off Merriann needed sunglasses so we went to look for some that she liked.

And we looked

And we looked

Until she found some that she liked.  Doesn’t she look so good,  She’s a hot MAMA!!!

Next we are off to the RIDES!!!!  Z only got to ride two rides before she got scared because they where “To scary for her”.   But I think it was just because it was nap time.   So we took a little break from the Fair.  We went home had something to eat and got a little nap.

But with a little nap and some food in our bellies.  She was ready to RIDE as long as I rode with her (which is not to much to ask).  It was fun for as both of us.

After we saw the bunnies, a juggling show, and all the boothes we were done!  We all sleep well that night.

~Greg T

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