Here he is…. Our Son!!

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The lord has blessed us with our newest member of our family.

His name is Ezekiel Louis Thames.

He was born on Sept. 15 @ 8:21pm

Weighting in at 6 lb, 12 oz. 19 1/2 Inches tall

The past few days have been very busy to say the least, but it has been great overall.  Merriann has been simply awesome!!  She did a great job during labor.  I must say that I sometimes forget how strong a woman she really is.  Comparing the two births of our children (man, that is good to say, children!!) they were way different but it still leaves me in awe how God has made the woman’s body.  So anyway Merriann is in good spirits, yes tired with very little sleep but still in good spirits.

Ezekiel (Zeke as we have been calling him) is also doing well.  He is on the 2 hour feeding cycle now, and really, really doesn’t like his diper changings.  But he is doing good!

Oh you might be wondering where and why we named him Ezekiel Louis.  Well, first off we were going to name him Zander Ezekiel but we liked the two names separately but not together.  Merriann has always liked Ezekiel, and I liked it too but since I also have it is my name (Yes, I am from the South and I have 5 names if you include my last name that is what we do down there.  You either have two first names like Billy-Bob or you have a really long name like mine:-)  and I wasn’t to sure I wanted to name my son after myself.  To me it seems a little self centered, but that is just me. But we went with Ezekiel anyway!

So anyway somewhere in his name Ezekiel was going to be.  By the way Ezekiel means “God Will Strengthen” just in case you didn’t know.  We are really into names that have a meaning like with Zoe, her’s means “Life”.  We thought that it was proper to use this for our first child because God give us a “Life”.  And it has seemed to fit her to a T, as you all know she is full of life (which is not always a good thing :).  His middle name is a family name “Louis”  His Great-grandfather on Merriann’s side of the family was named Louis.  And as far as I know he was the first person in Merriann’s family to come to America and make a way for his family and we thought that it was a very honoring way to remember him.

Anyway Zoe is up now and our day is off and going.  So see you later!!


The rest of the story…

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Well,  Here is the update on Merriann.  She is still pregnant. Here is the story.  On monday afternoon after work I called Merriann on the way home to see if I need to pick anything up for dinner (as I normally do), then after many, (I mean many rings of the phone) she anwers “Hello”  It was that hello that all guys hate.  She sound bad.  So I as so how are you feeling?  She ssslllooowwwlllyyy tells me that she has been feeling bad, her back hurts, and she was having contractions!!!!!  But mainly back pain.  So I kick into “Husband to the rescue mode”  even through I am about 20 minutes away.  Then all of at once I lost cell phone signal.    Ahhhhhhh!!!!  It is the same place that I always lose a signal on the way home, so I wait the standard 30 seconds to call back (that seems like a lifetime to call her back).  Finially, after getting her back on the phone I ask her the question that I didn’t want to ask, “Are you going to be able to wait until I get there or should I meet you at the hospital??  Thankfully (for me) she was able to wait for me at home.    SO I tell her I am on my way.  15 minutes later I am at home.  I walk in to see Merriann, (I will spare you the details now you can call us later and we will talk about then )  let’s just say that she was hurting.  So I call the Doola (I think that is how you spell it) and she give me some instruction for Merriann. After trying though things it didn’t work.  Merriann asked me to called her back, and like a good man I did.  I asked her to come to our home to help.  Long story short when the Dula (thought that I would try a different spelling) showed up (45 minutes later) Merriann was starting to feel better.  So it is safe to say it was a long 2 1/2 hours.  All is good!  The baby is safe, and Merriann is also good.  Glory to god!!!  But still no new child!

Sorry It’s been a while!!

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Can you say busy!!  We have been really busy.  Since our last post we had a little paintball party, we been shopping for a Travel trailer,  had a day in which we thought that the baby was coming (really early i might add) and one of our church’s first home get togethers. An addition to all the other little things that take tons of time from you like work!!

Well our little paintball party was great, we only had a few friends over to play.  It was great!  For me it was one of the best parties that we have had.  I got a chance to TALK to people, it was great!  We got a if new people to try the sport and they had a blast. All  in all I would say everyone have a great time.

Next on the list was we have decided to buy a travel trailer.  Over the last couple of years we have been looking at them on and off again.  I would say within the last month or so we have decided that we would make a dive and buy one.  And since we didn’t know anything about them we have been doing a lot of research, our friend Wylin would be so proud:-)

Well after searching and searching, we found one that we really like that would our family would need.  It is a 2008 22 ft. Wildcat by Forest River.  Even though it is a 2008 it is not a new this is a used (which saves us a ton of dough) travel trailer.  We are going to pick it up this weekend.  So I will then put some pictures of it up then so that all can see.  I am so excited getting it!!!  It should be awesome.

Man I got to run so I will jump back on later and tell you about Merriann and the baby.  Bye!!