Sorry It’s been a while!!

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Can you say busy!!  We have been really busy.  Since our last post we had a little paintball party, we been shopping for a Travel trailer,  had a day in which we thought that the baby was coming (really early i might add) and one of our church’s first home get togethers. An addition to all the other little things that take tons of time from you like work!!

Well our little paintball party was great, we only had a few friends over to play.  It was great!  For me it was one of the best parties that we have had.  I got a chance to TALK to people, it was great!  We got a if new people to try the sport and they had a blast. All  in all I would say everyone have a great time.

Next on the list was we have decided to buy a travel trailer.  Over the last couple of years we have been looking at them on and off again.  I would say within the last month or so we have decided that we would make a dive and buy one.  And since we didn’t know anything about them we have been doing a lot of research, our friend Wylin would be so proud:-)

Well after searching and searching, we found one that we really like that would our family would need.  It is a 2008 22 ft. Wildcat by Forest River.  Even though it is a 2008 it is not a new this is a used (which saves us a ton of dough) travel trailer.  We are going to pick it up this weekend.  So I will then put some pictures of it up then so that all can see.  I am so excited getting it!!!  It should be awesome.

Man I got to run so I will jump back on later and tell you about Merriann and the baby.  Bye!!


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