Let me do your hair….

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As long as I can remember, I have always colored Merriann’s hair, I know that this surprises many of you out there.  Well today I have some proof.  On Oct 24, I again colored Merriann’s hair and this time I remembered to grab the camera!!

It had been some time since we colored her hair so her El natural color was what you mostly saw.  Well Merriann really likes her hair to be red-dish so this time she picked Nice’n Easy’s Light Spice Natural Reddish Brown so that the color change wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

So you maybe wondering why do I (a guy) do my wife’s hair.  Well simply because she asked me, to be honest I didn’t like doing it in the beginning but now I kinda look at it like building some thing,  I get to see the before and the after picture.  It is kinda of like our own personal “What not to Where..” a TV show we used to watch with some of friends.  For those of you that know that show, the hair dresser Nick has an accent.  I am not sure where he is from but much to Merriann delight, I do a very bad version of it whenever I do her hair.  I guess she just deals with it in order to get her hair colored.

Well, as I knock on wood, I have never totally screwed it up.  I have in the past missed small patches of the roots, but never enough that anyone has noticed outside of Merriann and myself.  Yes, I am proud to say that I color my wonderful wife’s hair.  But that is as far as Merriann and I am comfortable on taking my hair dressing skills.  I don’t cut her hair, and I pray she never asks me too.

Doesn’t her hair look wonderful!!

~Greg Thames

Boys and their Toys

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I forgot to tell you guys that we were able to get a travel trailer to go camping in.

We got it the week before Zeke was born.  It is pretty cool.  We have been able to use it twice so far this year.  Once for our weekend get away and then again for my hunting trip to Hunters, Washington.

We had for years dreamed about getting one so that we could take trips as a family around the country.  It was one thing that I really wanted if we were going to be doing home schooling, which we are.  One of the things that I can bring to our home schooling is my love for science and history.  I believe that there is no better way to learn than to touch and feel those things that you are learning about.  Well, anyway the travel trailer is built by Forest River and it is a 22 ft (24 ft. if you include the hitch) long, and sleeps 5 comfortably.  It is a fully self-sustained unit, which means it has a stove, sink, refrigerator, furnace, shower and toilet.  So that we could go pretty much anywhere and camp.

We learned a few things in purchasing our trailer, like the value drops faster than cars do, you can finance them for longer than a car (up to 15 years, crazy I know).   People usually want more than they are worth when they want to sell them and they cost more than just the sticker price.  For example you must get a brake controller for your truck, special toilet paper, make sure that your vehicle can tow the trailer, and many other things.  So you got to add at least about another $1000 to the price tag.  We found ours on Craigslist (A site that we love), and it is a 2008.

But all those things considered I think that it was a great purchase for us.  After our one weekend trip Zoe asks a least once a week when are we going camping again, so I think that she enjoyed her first “camping experience” even though it was RV. camping.

Merriann & Zoe at Fort Ebey

~Greg T

Kid's are a real blessing…..

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With fall in full swing and winter not far behind.  We finished off our garden for the year.  We picked what corn we had left in the field, picked our pumpkins and few of the tomatoes left.  Anyway with the new born, work, garden, hunting season coming, and trying to have some family time, I had been really slammed.

One night Zoe and I were shucking some corn (shucking means removing the husk, and corn silk from the corn).  It is safe to say that my daughter wasn’t really being any help and to tell the truth she was in the way.  Her job was to hand me the corn so that I wouldn’t have to bend down each time I needed some more corn.  And as most if not all 3 year children are she couldn’t stay focused long enough to do that job.  Which in turn just got under my skin because I had been repeating, and repeating myself.

But you know what she did right when I was about to lose my cool.  She gave me Corn Silk Theater

It started with just one corn the one she was handing me, but then grew to a whole theater troop.   With the girl corn using the extra silk to have long hair and boy corn having little to no hair.  It was just great.  As I watched her turn her work into fun and a dad into a laughing school boy, I remembered that children are a blessing from the Lord in many different ways.

I am taken over……

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With my wonderful wife still adjusting to life with the kid our blog has been let’s say bumped down the ladder of importance.  So as the helpful hubby that I am I thought that I would enter a post or two in honor to her.

Oh before I start telling you this story I want it to be known On The Record…. That I don’t think that I am a bad husband… for asking my wife to go RV camping a week after giving birth.  Because it was RV camping, NOT real tent in the driving rain camping!!

Well as some of you know we recently bought a travel trailer, about a week before Zeke (that is the nick name that we are using for the boy)  was born.  And the day that God bless us with Zeke we were buying a vehicle to tow it because our current vehicle was to small to do the job.  Well, anyway Merriann and Zeke were doing fine, other then we were all sick with a cold that was just sticking around.  So I made the judgment call that we should get out of the house for a few days (Well, Ok two days) and to test out those two new purchases that we had made.

We had an awesome trip.  We stayed overnight at Fort Ebey, on Whidbey Island near Coupville.   Here is a picture of Zoe and me where one of the big guns were located.

We walked the local trails, saw some very large trees up rooted, and got some clean fresh air.

Another really cool thing about Fort Ebey, is that it has really tall cliffs in addition to Northwest style beaches mean rock beaches.

That pose Zoe is doing in this picture was her’s for this whole trip.  Almost all the pictures that we took of her she stood like this.