I am taken over……

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With my wonderful wife still adjusting to life with the kid our blog has been let’s say bumped down the ladder of importance.  So as the helpful hubby that I am I thought that I would enter a post or two in honor to her.

Oh before I start telling you this story I want it to be known On The Record…. That I don’t think that I am a bad husband… for asking my wife to go RV camping a week after giving birth.  Because it was RV camping, NOT real tent in the driving rain camping!!

Well as some of you know we recently bought a travel trailer, about a week before Zeke (that is the nick name that we are using for the boy)  was born.  And the day that God bless us with Zeke we were buying a vehicle to tow it because our current vehicle was to small to do the job.  Well, anyway Merriann and Zeke were doing fine, other then we were all sick with a cold that was just sticking around.  So I made the judgment call that we should get out of the house for a few days (Well, Ok two days) and to test out those two new purchases that we had made.

We had an awesome trip.  We stayed overnight at Fort Ebey, on Whidbey Island near Coupville.   Here is a picture of Zoe and me where one of the big guns were located.

We walked the local trails, saw some very large trees up rooted, and got some clean fresh air.

Another really cool thing about Fort Ebey, is that it has really tall cliffs in addition to Northwest style beaches mean rock beaches.

That pose Zoe is doing in this picture was her’s for this whole trip.  Almost all the pictures that we took of her she stood like this.


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