Let me do your hair….

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As long as I can remember, I have always colored Merriann’s hair, I know that this surprises many of you out there.  Well today I have some proof.  On Oct 24, I again colored Merriann’s hair and this time I remembered to grab the camera!!

It had been some time since we colored her hair so her El natural color was what you mostly saw.  Well Merriann really likes her hair to be red-dish so this time she picked Nice’n Easy’s Light Spice Natural Reddish Brown so that the color change wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

So you maybe wondering why do I (a guy) do my wife’s hair.  Well simply because she asked me, to be honest I didn’t like doing it in the beginning but now I kinda look at it like building some thing,  I get to see the before and the after picture.  It is kinda of like our own personal “What not to Where..” a TV show we used to watch with some of friends.  For those of you that know that show, the hair dresser Nick has an accent.  I am not sure where he is from but much to Merriann delight, I do a very bad version of it whenever I do her hair.  I guess she just deals with it in order to get her hair colored.

Well, as I knock on wood, I have never totally screwed it up.  I have in the past missed small patches of the roots, but never enough that anyone has noticed outside of Merriann and myself.  Yes, I am proud to say that I color my wonderful wife’s hair.  But that is as far as Merriann and I am comfortable on taking my hair dressing skills.  I don’t cut her hair, and I pray she never asks me too.

Doesn’t her hair look wonderful!!

~Greg Thames

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