We’re BBBBaaaccckkkk!!!

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We are back from our family cross county tour.  Merriann got to finally meet my whole family. Zoe and Zeke got to meet their grand parents, aunts, uncle, great aunts and uncles.  It was a overall very good trip.

We touched down in Dallas, TX on Friday about noon and after about 2 and a half hours of getting the bags, getting the rental car, feeding the kids, etc. we were on our way.  It was pretty nice weather of about 65 degrees given Bellingham was about 50.  Anyway we then began our long track to my hometown in which I thought that it was going to take roughly 6 hours,  but oh no with 5 o’clock traffic starting at 3, restroom breaks, feeding breaks (for Zeke) it took nearly 9 hours to make it to the hotel in which we were going to be staying in.  So it was safe to say that we should have sleep hard,  but oh no Zeke didn’t sleep well so Merriann and I didn’t sleep well.


We stayed at the Hyatt Place in Richland, MS.  The hotel was really, really nice. Starting with the big screen TV, it was awesome, but the cable was out the first night, but we were tired so we didn’t care anyway.  It was the first hotel that we were able to check-in without having to talk to anyone.  They had this little ATM like stations that you just slide your credit/debit through and you verified your information, it gave you 2 keys and bam you where done and off to your room.  It was pretty quick I must say and the checkout was the same way quick fast and on your way.  So that was it the end of day one.  Merriann or I will add the rest of the story later.

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