We’re BBBBaaaccckkkk!!! Part 2

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Well the next day we began our first round of visits.  First there was my father, Robert.  The plan was to spend the Friday and Saturday with my mom and step dad and the last few days with my dad but since we had to drive right by my father’s place I thought that we would just stopped by say quick hello.

I was so excited!!! I got to take a girl to my old room.  It was the first time for something like that even though that girl is my wife.  Oh well it was exciting just the same.  And yes I forgot to take a picture of my home when I was a baby in or even the room.  Sorry about that but maybe next trip.  We drove around my old nieghborhood and I shared with Merriann for the first time some of my childhood memories.  After begin away for over 11 years it was truely amazing the amount of fond momeries that I had there as a child.  I started to feel really old because my children may never have the chance to roam our neigbhorhood the way that I did as a child.

Well, anyway after a quick little visit it was off the Papa and Nana’s house. 

Since my parents have never been able to visit with our kids before it was an awesome feeling to get to see them bond with Zoe and Zeke.  And the smiles, man they were smiling from ear to ear the whole time that we were there.   Then there came all my baby pictures.  I am not sure which my mother enjoyed more showing Merriann those baby pictures or watching me squirm as she started in on all those pictures.  But a short while later with my Step Dad was off to the my college’s (Jackson State University) football game.  (He had gotten us on the coach’s list to get into the game if we wanted to go.)  My mother then proceeded to tell me that we were going to be going to show off her grand kids, so off we went.  The first stop was Mrs. Dorothy’s house.

Mrs' Dorothy and my brother BJ

Mrs Dorothy and my brother Brian

Mrs. Dorothy is one of my mother’s life long friends.  I spent many, many, many days at this wonderful ladies’ house.  I think that I may have eaten as many dinners at her house than my own.  So it is safe to say that she is a close family friend. 

Well after hugs, and of course eating, my mother kicked Merriann and I out so that she could baby sit.  Yes we jumped at the chance.  We were going to go to the big game so that Merriann could see what all the hype was about.  (You know the south and football.  The old saying Saturday is for football and Sunday is the Lord’s)  But since it was the deep south meaning it should have been warm (yes. 70+ degree is warm to us) she didn’t bring a heavy coat. But instead it was and I quote “freezing, bone chilling wind” cold, we skipped the game a went sight seeing from the warmth of the car.  First we went by my old high school, Callaway High School.

Then to the New Capital building.

Then to the Old Capital building.

Next the Governor’s Mansion

and finally The Mississippi Fairgrounds

That was the end of our date/sight-seeing trip in Jackson, Ms.  It was time to go get the kids and put them to bed and get ready for another action packed day, the day with my father.

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