Making Pumpkin Puree


For the last few years we have grown or bought pumpkins to make our own puree. In the past I wasn’t all that impressed with it. It honestly didn’t taste any different to me than the Libby’s canned pumpkin. I figured I was just a Libby’s girl and there was no use going through the trouble to puree if it was going to taste the same anyway. This was going to be my last pumpkin pureeing year.

Well, my love for pumpkin has been renewed! We grew sugar pie pumpkins this year. They are the best. After gutting and baking the pumpkin I tried a bite. It was so good. It would have been even better with a little butter and maybe some brown sugar on it…mmm. My family is not quite as interested in pumpkin as I am so I couldn’t get away with having it as a side dish (although it is so good for you) but they do love it in pies and breads. I even made pumpkin pancakes this year.

Eat it just like this…after being cooked but before the puree.  So good.

With all the gardening we have been doing we got a good mill attachment for our mixer. It made making our zucchini relish a breeze so I tried it with the pumpkin. It gave it the perfect consistency. I think this may have been a lot of the problem in past years because I had to use a blender which was always such a hassle. I love the food mill. Our pumpkin pie this year was awesome and I have about 8 more cups of puree in the freezer. Next year we will be growing more pumpkins. Libby…you have been replaced.

~ Merriann