Christmas Tree Hunt 2008


One of my favorite things we do for Christmas is our family Christmas tree hunt. Despite my blowing it big time last year the family was willing to come back to try it up here again. The live nativity was great.  This year we learned the camel, Moses, is 3 years old.  He will grow about another foot and will stop growing by about age 5.  He is originally from California. (what’s up with all these Californians moving to Washington anyway. HA!)  He doesn’t mind the weather up here as long as he is out of the rain.  The desert gets very cold at night so the temperature drop doesn’t bother him.

We had a great time on our search for the perfect tree. (Although…our first perfect tree was swiped right out from under up by another family member!  I won’t mention any names.  You know who you are…hehe) The kids were mesmerized by the tree shaker and wrapper. It took some coaxing to get them away.

Zoe and her cousin at the tree wrapper

After finding our second perfect tree we headed to lunch and then back to the house to visit.

our 2nd perfect tree 🙂

~ Merriann