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A few weeks ago we did a study on volcanoes.  We got a few books from the library and just had to make our own.  I made up about 9 batches of play dough and we built our volcano around a quart canning jar. 

We painted…

…and had to have some trees and snow.

We lined up the players in this experiment and went to mixing our lava.  1 cup white vinegar, 2 TB baking soda, 1 TB liquid soap and red food coloring.  Mix all your liquids together in one container and pour it into the volcano.  Then add your baking soda with a quick stir and watch your lava flow!

It ended up being pink lava but it flowed just the same.   Zoe loved this project and mom and dad had fun with it too!

And one of Ezekiel just for fun!

Need Energy…

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Zoe on her way back from the mailbox:  I can’t run.  I don’t have enough energy.

Me Slightly shocked because she always has energy: Should we go get a snack to give you some energy?

Zoe: No, that wont work to give me energy.

Me:  It wont’?  Do you need some coffee?

Zoe: No, that won’t give me energy either.  Coffee makes me old.

More pictures

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This picture is compliments of Zoe.  She has a great talent for timing.  (notice the long drool)

That’s better.

This is what we do what Greg is working nights.  We keep ourselves entertained.

I love digital cameras!  Tons of pictures and no extra cost.



I’ve been receiving comments from some friends that were starting to doubt the existence of Ezekiel based on the lack of photographic evidence so, here you go.

The following pictures were taking about 5 days after Ezekiel was born.  I really thought I had already posted them but I guess not.  These were taken by a friend that is awesome with pictures and needed to “practice” so we were able to reap the benefits.

I love these pictures.  She tried to get a little more skin showing but the one with the tiny chest shot was all he would stand for.  He is very modest.

~ Merriann