Baby humor

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Nothing is quite as funny to Ezekiel than having his legs quickly shoved up to his head…repeatedly.  I tried to get a video of it but it didn’t work out.  Just imagine with these pictures a deep belly laugh of a little 5 month old. Just look at that gummy smile!

Can you guess…

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Can you guess what we are working on?

Maybe this will help

Zoe has been copying everything she sees.  She is loving these lessons.  They are short, sweet and to the point.  The highlight of the lesson is practicing her letters.  She already knows how to write them all but, that is still her favorite part.  I’m excited she’s excited about it.

Bread Gone Bad

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I have been trying my hand at making sourdough bread.  I haven’t had a good starter yet so they keep tasting like regular old French bread.  This is normally fine since I love French bread too but, this last loaf was horrendous!  It tasted fine (well fine as in my normal “sourdough” would) but it was the ugliest thing I have ever created.  (Unless you can think of something uglier).  I wasn’t going to post a picture at first but decided this blog was not only for your immense pleasure but also for me to remember.  Someday I will look back at this and laugh…who am I kidding…I look at it NOW and laugh.  So, here it is…my ugly “sourdough” bread.

As I was cutting it up to feed to the ducks it dawned on me…croutons!  Let me tell you, ugly bread makes beautiful, yummy croutons.

In case you want to make some of your own take your bread (it doesn’t have to be ugly) brush with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder, basil and anything else you think might be yummy (I even put minced garlic on one batch).  Cut up into crouton size pieces and spread on a cookie sheet.  Bake at 400 degrees checking and stirring every 5 minutes or so until toasted and crispy.  Let cool completely before placing in a sealed container for storage (if they make it that long!)

I know, I Know

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We’ve been gone a long time.  I cant believe we missed a whole month! (and a good chunk of another)  Believe it or not I have been writing down posts as I think of them and take pictures but they haven’t made it to the blog yet.  We’ve had a lot of computer (Internet) problems but we finally have Comcast!  I’m very excited about it.  They weren’t down our street up until a week ago.  So here we go folks!  I won’t promise tons of updates but I will do the best I can.  :O)  Leave a comment if you have a chance so I know there are people out there!

~ Merriann