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A couple of weeks ago we headed out for our first camping trip of the season!  We hit the road for our long road trip.

And made our way to…

The first campsite we stayed at was on…

When we pulled in it wasn’t quite what we were looking for.  The campground was, well, flat and lacked character.  We could hear the highway and see Home Depot.  Not exactly what we were looking for.

Fortunately, Greg found out there was another campsite nearby, Lincoln Park.  Another camper he was talking to said it was a lot better and they was going to stay there but they were unable to get a TV signal so they came back to this one.  Since we didn’t have that problem we headed over there the next day to check it out.  It was so much better!  Lots of character…trees, hills, a great playground, a nice water area and, you couldn’t see the whole park just by standing in one spot!

Can you see Lincoln’s face?

Our site at Lincoln Park

Getting ready for dinner on the grill.

It was a great first trip.  I’m sure we will be visiting Lincoln Park again.  They have an Apple Blossom festival (since Wenatchee is the apple capital) that I would love to see.  There are SO many apple trees.  If the area was flat there were trees planted on it.  To see all those trees in bloom would be quite the site (not to mention the delicious fruit we can stock up on for canning!)  We are excited for more trips this summer and heading to some warm places to thaw out. 

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