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That’s right folks…we have chickens!  A week and a half ago we got our first six.  General Tao, Sweet, Sour, Scramble, Southern Fried, and Omelette.  Can you believe there is a chick shortage this year?  Who would’ve guessed. 



This is Scramble with Sweet in the background.


One week later we went back to get six more.  Three layers (black) and three meat birds (yellow) (Greg wanted to give this a try 🙂  We had quite the separation at first.  The older chicks were acting scared of the little day old babies.  At one point the older girls were jumping on each other trying to get as far away as possible.  They new chicks don’t have names yet.  They are really hard to tell apart.  We may wait till they get older but I don’t know that it will be any easier then.


However, it didn’t take too long for them to get over it and get along.


2 thoughts on “Chickens!

  1. Yay Chickies!! So cute. I’m so glad you got fryers… YOU can figure out how to do the butchering and then we’ll just bring ours to you guys when that time comes. 😉

  2. Home Chickens are the best! If you are able to let your layers ‘free range’ a bit as they get to the age of laying, you will be blessed w/ eggs that are up to 60% less in cholesterol than store bought eggs! The more they range the better the egg. Yea for the perfect food! They will always go back to their home to roost and to nest if they have been raised in the home from a young age. Have fun!

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