Goodbye Training Wheels

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About a week ago Zoe gave a two wheeler a try and that was it.  She is no longer using those pesky training wheels.  She did and awesome job and picked it up so quickly (and avoided going into the ditch a number of times). 


It all started because one of her training wheeles wouldn’t stay down and, of course, was not helpful at all (it probably had something to do with me running it over with the car a while ago).  So instead of trying to fix that one we just kicked the other one up and out of the way and sent her off.  Well, not quite, she did have some help.  It wasn’t long at all before she was one her own.


And what better way to celebrate the event than with a party!  Our friends Monica and Xavier came over to celebrate with us.  Way to go Zoe.  We are very proud of you!monica-and-x


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