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I love ducks.  Chickens are great for eggs but, ducks are just down right adorable.  Whether big or small they are cute.  Waddling around the yard.  And they eat the slugs that eat our garden!  Now, we haven’t gotten our own ducks but, for the last couple of years we have had a male and female “couple” use our pond for their babies.  They have been hanging around for a while using the “pond” that formed in the garden.  Zoe would head out their with my latest oops bread (it has gotten better by the way.  I’ll post some success bread stories soon).  As long as she kept her distance they would wait for her to through out the bread and then head over to eat it.  They used the real pond for their babies and this year I got a picture.


They are so fun to watch.  She has five babies this year.  At one point she allowed them out of the fenced area to play on the grass.  Under her watchful eye of course.  You know, little ducklings are so obedient.

And it's back!

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We have found the camera ( and it wasn’t out in the rain storm).  Nope, it was in a plastic bag in the shop.  Yep, you know, the one I picked up 20 times to make sure the camera wasn’t under it.  That’s the one.  I think we need a beeper on the thing.  I was quick to put it to use.  This picture I was lucky enough to get while playing peek-a-boo under Zeke’s blanket.


In case you haven’t heard…we are expecting a new baby to join the family in November!  We are all very excited.  Zoe decided she wants 10 brothers and sisters.  I think the only reason she stopped at 10 though was because she ran out of fingers. 🙂

Gone Missing

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I can’t believe it.  The camera has gone missing.  I have looked high and low and nothing.  I had this dreadful thought that it was left outside.  Many of you may remember how Zoe acquired her digital camera.  And after all we have had A LOT of rain these last couple of days.  I would show you a picture of our flooding but, you know…  So I checked outside today and nothing.  Both good and bad news.  I had some great pictures of our beautiful (and large) chicken house we just finished too!  Well, hopefully we will find it soon.  And since I don’t like posts without pictures here’s a random one.