Camping in Winthrop

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Our camping adventures in May took us just outside Winthrop to Chewuch.  Our campsite was perfect.  We stayed in National Forest grounds which is way cheaper than the state parks.  A lot of the sites were free but we were camping with some tenters that needed bathrooms so this place was $12 a night.  About 1/3 the cost of the state park.  Even though the weather was on the hotter side in the afternoon we had a wonderful tree covering to keep us cool.


We camped with three other couples.  One of which has a daughter around Zoe’s age.  It was wonderful for the girls to have each other to play with.  Although we have known this family for many years and our daughters have known each other all their lives, this was the longest they had been together all day every day.  Their personalities matched beautifully.  It was a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  One day the guys went shooting.  Another, the two dads took the girls out for a father daughter afternoon and the moms and babies slept (wonderful).  This was our little camp site.  Two trailers, two tents, eight adults and 4 children.



Our last day there we headed to Lake Pearrygin.  I still thought the water was cold but that was not going to stop Zoe from taking full advantage.




As usual Ezekiel was a bit suspicious of the whole thing to begin with. 


But he soon warmed up to he idea.


~ Merriann

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