Always a little sad

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Having been there done that it’s always a little bit sad to see a business close down.   Even though this one was WAY bigger than our store it is still a little sad.  But, even with all that I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this.   Laugh and remember my camera the next time we drove by.


~ Merriann

Our Garden Pond

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Provided hours and hours of entertainment for Zoe.  I think this is when she was on her way to check the mail. 

First, you make sure it’s good, deep, squishy mud.


Then, you run.


All the way down to the end (the real wet part)


Come back up the road


Enter from the top (apparently there is a correct way to enter a large puddle)


And do it all over again…and again…and again


~ Merriann

This girl…

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…cracks me up.  In May when we were having our rains a large section of our garden flooded.  I saw Zoe in her nice white shirt playing in the mud.  It was too late by then so I didn’t say anything.  About 5 minutes later she comes running up to the house,

“Mom!  Can I change into my swimsuit so I can play in the mud?”

I ask the obvious question, “You haven’t been playing in the mud already?”

“No.  Can I change?”


 ~ Merriann

Of course…


…there are going to be technical difficulties. During my online absence we have changed operating systems on our computer which has caused a little snag. I have to be able to post with pictures and we have to figure out how to shrink the pictures before I can post them. I’m pretty sure Greg has it all figured out but then we went on a week camping trip so my plans have been a little delayed. I have a post all typed up and ready to go except for pictures and I need pictures. So, I’m still coming back it’s just going to take a little longer than expected. :O)

~ Merriann

I’m comming back…

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This post is to commit myself to updating you (and our own memories) about our summer so far. We have been busy, busy, busy and I am loving it. We have taken full advantage of our summer this year I just haven’t been on it to post about it yet. So, my commitment to you to post soon about some of our summer adventures!